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Shine a light on your issues–whatever they are– from start to finish with an issue tracking application from Issuetrak. Automate issue assignment and speed up resolution time.

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Issue tracking from start to finish.

Recurring Issues Icon

Recurring Issues
Set up fixed schedule submissions for issues that occur regularly, like routine inspections or maintenance requests.

Issue Auto-assign Icon

Issue Auto Assignments
Assign issues based on predefined criteria, expediting the resolution process and minimizing issue queue backlogs.

Global Issues Icon

Global Issues
Allow multiple users to submit issues for the same problem and link related issues for cascading updates, edits, and closures.

Escalations Icon

Automatically escalate open or idle issues to speed up responses times and ensure no issue sits untouched for too long.

Quick Picks Icon

Quick Picks
Use Quick Pick templates to pre-fill information into forms, making issue submission faster and easier.

Reports Icon

Track and report on current and past issues at the press of a button. Access archives and easily search issue history for auditing and compliance.

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“...we require a well-trained workforce and the organization to indoctrinate and train all staff on the usage of Issuetrak. We created in-house training materials based on our usage and held a training session for all local staff and visiting partners.”

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