Issuetrak helps make lives easier -- just ask Hajna Moss Fishburne, co-owner of Bilancio Luxury Management.

"I would give Issuetrak a 10!" says Fishburne.

Before Issuetrak, she found herself struggling to keep up with the variety of space, employee, and equipment issues that would pop up at her organization day-to-day. With multiple sites to maintain and many different clients to keep happy, Issuetrak's customizeable interface provided the perfect solution to fit Fishburne's unique situation.

Using Issuetrak makes handling tickets and issues of any kind a breeze. Fishburne especially loves the speed and efficiency of Issuetrak's submission process. The moment an employee submits an issue, she receives an automatic notification alerting her that a problem needs to be solved. The organization's response times have never been better!

"Issuetrak saves me [...] I want to say about four to five hours a day," says Fishburne. Instead of driving to each unique location to manage issues, she can easily see what needs her immediate attention at the touch of a button.

Watch the video below to learn firsthand how Issuetrak has helped Bilancio Fitness improve their customer service and issue tracking.



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