Issuetrak 12

We’re proud to announce our latest release, Issuetrak 12. This update includes a new, more secure way to log in to Issuetrak, a new way to auto-assign issues to the next available agent, enhancements to our security measures, and more!

AD FS Integration

Issuetrak is now compatible with Active Directory Federation Services, allowing for easier and more secure sign-in options than ever before.

  • One-click single sign-on in the Cloud for easier, quicker, and more secure access
  • Multi-factor authentication capabilities to satisfy your organization’s security needs
  • Customization options for login screens to fit your team’s branding
  • Integration with popular AD as-a-Service platforms like Azure and AWS
  • Easy, fast migration for existing Active Directory users
  • OAuth2 and OpenID Connect protocols provide strong, industry standard support

We can't wait to show you all of the enhancements AD FS brings to Issuetrak 12. Read our blog post to learn about even more features this new update will bring.

ADFS Login Illustration

Round Robin Issue Assignment

This has been a frequently-requested feature that we’re proud to finally release!

  • Round Robin issue assignment allows issues to be assigned in rotation to available agents
  • The feature works with existing Groups functionality
  • Take the guesswork out of issue assignment so your team can focus on resolution
  • You can also combine Round Robin with mass updates to assign collections of issues with one click

What else is new?

Our Development team has been hard at work over the past few months implementing new features at a faster rate than ever before! Here are some of our most exciting updates:

  • Issue De-Escalation
  • Associated Issues
  • TrakMac
  • Auto Assignment Inactivation
  • User Interface Enhancements

You can see what other features and improvements are coming soon to Issuetrak by visiting our Product Roadmap page.

Other Improvements Illustration

Want to see what else is new?

Our Release Notes give an in-depth overview of everything that’s changed for Issuetrak 12!

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